YCRP Announces June 5th Candidate Endorsements

Political Endorsements

The Yolo County Republican Party (YCRP) encourages citizens to vote after serious deliberation over the candidates and issues.  The YCRP announces its endorsements for a number of candidates for the June 5th election.

Tom Lopez for Yolo County sheriff. In addition to the YCRP, Mr Lopez is endorsed by several law enforcement organizations and individuals, and the Yolo County Democratic Party. This deep base of support emphasizes the community’s call for ethical and responsible leadership in the Sheriff’s office, and confidence in Mr Lopez. 

David Schwenger for Yolo County Clerk/Recorder/Assessor. For more than a decade, Mr. Schwenger has served in the Yolo County Clerk/Recorder/Assessor’s office. He is committed to protecting voting integrity and rights, efficient recorder operations, and fair property assessment. He values access, accountability, and accuracy in the office of clerk/recorder/assessor.

Charlie Schaupp for the House of Representatives 3rd Congressional District.  As a former U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, Mr. Schaupp is committed to restoring ethics. fiscal responsibility, and pride in service to our country. He is an Esparto resident. His family currently farms 3,500 acres and have been farming in Yolo County since the 1880s.

Steven Bailey for Attorney General. Judge Bailey is the only AG candidate with a background in public safety and criminal justice. He will utilize his judicial expertise to enforce the law fairly and equitably. He is a strong advocate of first responders and public safety.