The Yolo County Republican Party Condemnation of Violence

Condemnation of Violence

Republicans, as Americans, support our Constitution which is grounded in the assured protection of all law abiding citizens. We condemn anyone or organization that hates and seeks to harm members of any race, color, religious creed, national origin, political affiliation, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, age, or genetic information.

To be clear, the Republican condemnation of violence is all inclusive.

We condemn protests that encourage people to harm our police officers, loot stores and pull people from their automobiles and beat them.

We condemn inner city gun violence and the needless death of thousands.

We condemn religious leaders who urge their followers to harm people because of their religion or race, claiming their supreme spiritual being has authorized and demanded this bloodshed.

We condemn the deranged Las Vegas shooting, killing fifty-eight innocents, as well as the shootings in San Bernardino, Orlando, and others.

We condemn cultural bondage, exploitation, trafficking, and violent treatment of women and children.

We condemn the destructive behavior that caused hundreds of thousands of dollars damage to public property and through threat and practice of violence silenced speakers entitled to exercise our country’s most prized freedom, freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

We condemn the bullying of ALL people.

Republicans condemn the violence that occurred in Charlottesville. No harm or loss of life because of political confrontation is ever justified or acceptable.

We call on the Yolo County Democratic Party to denounce violence in all forms as part of public discussions in America. This condemnation must include the violent protests of such groups as Antifa, Black Lives Matters, KKK and Nazis, and any other discussion or practice of violence.


Yolo County Republican Party Executive Committee