The Democrat Legacy

Democratic Party Chaos

After more than 50 years of Democratic Party control of the state government, California has regressed from the “Golden State” to having the worst quality of life in the nation. This has motivated many Californians to seek new opportunities in other states. In the last decade, a net of over one million people exited the state. Unless serious changes occur this exodus is expected to accelerate.

Nationwide, as change and improvements are being implemented by the re-emerging Republican Party, we are experiencing a robust economy, lower taxes, international respect and stabilized national security. However, the State of California continues to be defiant and resists such change. So what do we have to show for this resistance? 

The lack of positive results for the Democrats are very obvious:

  • California is consistently rated as one the most unfriendly states to do business; complicated regulations and high taxes discourage companies from starting or staying in the state.
  • As one of the heaviest taxed states, the state budget allocations have not saved its infrastructure (i.e., transportation and water systems) and educational system from rapid deterioration. 
  • The state’s debt and unfunded liabilities now exceed one trillion dollars.
  • 20% of the states residents live below the federal poverty line, a measurement  which does not account for the state’s much higher cost of living. 
  • Declaring the state a “Sanctuary State” has encouraged the growth of international criminal enterprises within the state.
  • Downgrading of criminal offenses to lesser offenses has permitted the early release of hardened criminals; contributing to raising crime rates within our cities.
  • Voter rights have been diluted by laws encouraging and preventing discovery of non-citizen voting and reducing the penalties for unlawful voting.
  • Social policy mandates “protecting” the rights of fringe minorities has diminished the rights of the majority and threatened core societal values.
  • California State Democrats continue to supersede local community governance in an effort to homogenize social norms to their preferences.


To turn California around, it behooves its citizens to consider voting for Republicans; supporting the principles of free markets, educational choice, personal responsibility, community safety, lower taxes and limited government.