Republican Primary Guide for June 2018

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The Yolo County Republican Party Voting Guide

Strong Recommendations of 2018 Primary Candidates and Propositions

Tom Lopez - Yolo County Sheriff


David Schwenger – Yolo County Clerk-Recorder/Assessor


Charlie Schaupp – U.S. House of Representatives District 3

Facebook: Charlie Schaupp for Congress 2018


Travis Allen or John Cox – Governor       or


Cole Harris – Lieutenant Governor


Steven Bailey – Attorney General


Mark Meuser – Secretary of State


NO on Proposition 68:

Issues $4 billion in bonds for parks, environmental protection, and water infrastructure


No recommendation on Proposition 69

Requires certain tax and fee revenue related to transportation be used for transportation purposes


NO on Proposition 70

Requires a one-time two-thirds vote to use revenue from the cap-and-trade program


YES on Proposition 71

Changes the date for when voter-approved ballot measures take effect


YES on Proposition 72

Excludes rainwater capture systems from property tax assessments