Constitutional Freedoms Under Attack In California

For years, the California State Legislature has enacted laws that restrict the rights of residents, but there is a new bill that surpasses them all. Imagine a piece of legislation so broad it poses a serious threat to constitutionally guaranteed liberties! It is AB 2943 whose broad language infringes upon the freedom of choice, the freedom of the press and speech, and the freedom of religion. All in the name of state-sponsored political correctness. 

To be specific, AB2943 prohibits anyone, whether they be a therapist, pastor, or any other individual, from advertising, offering, or engaging in sexual orientation counseling, sometimes referred to negatively as “gay-conversion therapy.” 

Freedom of Choice

Under the confines of this bill, an individual could not go to a counselor to ask for their help in overcoming their own unwanted same-sex attraction. A total overreach into individual freedom of choice. Traditionally, in a client-therapist relationship, the client sets their own therapeutic objectives which the therapist then helps them achieve. The state should have no standing in this decision. What is this bill doing? It is castigating anyone who holds a view differing from a minority of LGBTQ activists. It is a state-sponsored protection of the LGBTQ orientation at the expense of individual choice. Clearly, the state is not seeking to restrict an individual from choosing counseling to adopt the LGBTQ way of being. If not one, why the other?

Freedom of Press and Speech

AB2943 would restrict public and private statements (a.k.a. advertising) disputing the LGBTQ orientation. It also prohibits "counselors" from making reading recommendations opposing the LGBTQ orientation. Why? Because new LGBTQ community-sponsored studies have deemed this type of counseling to be “fraudulent.” The crux of the issue is not whether or not there is merit to the counseling. Rather, the bill presupposes the California State Legislature has the right to ban free speech and free press in accordance to its own politically correct agenda. The repercussions of this bill are huge as it sets the precedent for the state government to ban any thought, speech, or book they deem a “fraud.”

Freedom of Religion

One of the primary founding principles of this country is religious freedom. The Pilgrims’ predominant reason for coming to America was to create a healthy environment in which to enjoy their religious faith without fear of persecution. Now, the very foundation of this nation is being shaken. AB2943 violates the First Amendment by banning religious books, such as the Judeo-Christian Bible, or church services or events that present the LGBTQ orientation in a negative light. This bill literally declares promoting certain tenets of religious faith to be illegal. If this bill were to become law it is not difficult to imagine the sale and possession of the Judeo-Christian Bible to be declared as illegal. 

Call to Action

For generations, this country has been the home for liberty - a place where people can think, speak, write, and worship how they see fit. Now, AB 2943 threatens those same liberties. It is the duty of all to stand up against these horrible encroachments of government to ensure freedom for the future. This bill sets the outrageous precedent of allowing the government to ban whatever they deem a “fraud.” But who defines “fraud”? The danger is social activists that have the ear of the California Legislature. If the government can ban whatever they call a fraud then they can ban anything they desire! It is necessary that we contact our representatives and request a “no vote” on AB 2943. Why? To preserve the freedom of thought, speech, press, and religion in California.


Special thanks for Josiah Evertson for his submission of the article 

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