Random Thoughts

One of my favorite commentators, the Stanford Hoover Institution's Thomas Sowell, on occasion writes what he calls a "Random Thoughts" column, gathering an intriguing mix of short analyses on a wide range of mostly political topics. In homage to Mr. Sowell, I offer the following. 

Carly Fiorina poses a substantial threat to the Democratic narrative being presented to the American people of why we need Hillary Clinton. Not only does she almost entirely neutralize the "war on women" the party used to such great effect in 2012, but the sudden popularity of the strange Bernie Sanders and the loose cannon of Donald Trump shows the tremendous danger to "establishment" candidates like Clinton. Without a formal political background, Fiorina acts as a stark contrast to the former first lady. 

I'm not sure what's more difficult for me right now: being an A's fan or being a fan of America as a superpower on the world stage. Both have a pretty horrendous record lately. 

Over the course of 700 years, the ancient Romans built 55,000 miles of roads throughout Europe in a marvel of efficiency that enabled them to accomplish some amazing things. It seems almost silly that, 2,000 years later, I live in a town, a county, and a state all with such deteriorating roads. Roads are the lifeblood of civilization. 

If Trump is still in the race during the actual primaries in 2016, other candidates, egged on by the establishment and countless conservative pundits, will probably fight him to the bitter end. He has alienated far too many for an easy victory. 

At times we are told of the pervasive influence of "unconscious" racism in our society. There was certainly a time when this phenomenon could be (and was) very damaging, but I think it has less of an impact in 2015. From my perspective as someone born in the 1980s, we discuss every possible angle of racism any chance we get. For me as an educator, I tread very, very carefully, being highly conscious of even the most unusual hypothetical accusation of racism. 

The nightly local television news is often depressing. "If it bleeds, it leads" may work to promote their ratings with others. It does not work with me. 

I am certainly a believer in California reducing its water usage, and ornamental grass is a good place to start. But if the Davis Enterprise is thinking of yet another feature on some random citizen removing her lawn, I'd recommend simply reprinting one of the several already written. 

The humble man recognizes his weaknesses. The great man recognizes his weaknesses only long enough to eliminate them. 

The Yolo County Republican Central Committee will be at the county fair all this week. For those of you who think that the American political parties are composed of slick professionals in suits trying to trick you, come by and see me try to trick my two-year-old into sitting still long enough for his father to help register a voter. So much of our political process is just regular citizens going to work for a political group in their minimal spare time -- which is exactly as it should be.

R. Olson is the director of communications for the Yolo GOP. Send your own random thoughts to him at rwolson@gmail.com. All opinions contained herein are his own and not necessarily those of the Yolo County Republican Party.