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Sorry, Closed due to Newsom


Are you happy with our state's COVID-19 response?


By any measure, Gavin Newsom's COVID-19 response has been appalling. His arbitrary restrictions and unconstitutional lockdowns have destroyed the lives and businesses of millions of Californians.


You can make a difference - by signing a petition to Recall Newsom.



Petition Signing Guidelines & Information


  1. There are two options for signing a petition
    1. Call our Yolo County chair, Dan Brown, at 916-870-8445, to arrange to sign a petition at our headquarters or another location convenient for you.
    2. Follow the instructions below to download, sign, and mail, your own petition form. Please be aware, there are many groups claiming to support the petition, that are really only looking for your donations, and are NOT part of the official petition.
  2. These instructions are put together from those officially found at . Any other group that claims to have a recall petition, other than , is not official, and your petition through them may not count - they are only after your donations, which will NOT go towards recalling Newsom.
  3. You can print the petition out on regular 8.5 x 11" paper.
  4. Download the Recall Petition here
  5. Use ball point pens, preferably fine point pens.
  6. Do not use gel pens, UNLESS the ink sets FAST and does not smear.
  7. Prefer Black ink, but Blue is acceptable.
  8. Write the name of the County on County Line that is above the signature lines.
  9. Do NOT MIX signatures from DIFFERENT Counties! Make certain only those from that county sign that petition.  If someone wants to sign from a different county, START a new petition for their county.
  10. CRITICAL: Emphasize the importance of the address used when one signs the petition MUST match the address used when they registered to vote.
  11. Have Registration Cards available. If signor is not sure they are registered and/or if uncertain of address, it is better to be safe and have them reregister.  Voter registration cards may be picked up at your County Recorder’s office and are sometimes available at the DMV.
    1. Date used on Registration Card MUST BE same date as date petition date/signed.
    2. They can check their voter registration and status at:
  12. Emphasize taking their time to print name and address neatly and clearly so their signature counts!
  13. Complete the bottom portion when last person signs – VERY IMPORTANT. For the Date boxes “From ______  TO ________”,  use the date the first signature is entered on the petition for “From” and the date the last signature is obtained for the “To”.
  14. YOU are the CIRCULATOR if:
    1. You printed and signed the petition for yourself and mailed in.
    2. Gathered and witnessed signatures of family, friends or co-workers.
    3. Witnessed signatures at a signing event.
    4. As Circulator, YOU print your name and current physical address in the lines asking for that information.


You can download the Recall Gavin Newsom Petition here


Please contact , or email us at [email protected] , if you have any questions, or for additional information.

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