California's Problems Could be Solved


California leads the nation in many categories of which we shouldn’t be proud. The Golden State has some of the highest taxes in the nation coupled with the nation’s highest poverty rate with 15% of our residents living in poverty. During the pandemic, nearly 20,000 businesses have closed and millions of jobs have been lost.

Every week there is a horror story of people being carjacked or reporters being robbed in broad daylight. Criminals loot stores without fear of repercussion, and recently a UCLA college graduate was slain while at work in Los Angeles. Instead of providing economic relief for businesses coming out of a pandemic, some California legislators are currently proposing single-payer healthcare that will double California’s already high taxes

If you’re exhausted, there could be relief in the near future and it starts with you, the voter. Start voting republican. The last time Republicans led all facets of California government was in 1970, so we can’t blame Republicans for our state’s dystopia.

Recently, State Senator Patricia Bates (R) proposed a bill that would’ve penalized those responsible for trafficking fentanyl into our communities, yet her bill didn’t make it out of committee. In 2019 then-Senator Jon Moorlach (R) proposed a bill that would’ve allowed health officials to intervene and treat very severely mentally ill homeless people who are unable to help themselves- California Democrats ended up voting no on the bill. Instead, Democrats have resorted to handing out 4.5 million needles, needlessly continuing the vicious cycle of drug use that has directly led to over 10,000 overdose deaths in California alone.

As Laurel Rosenthal at Cal Matters wroteDemocrats—who hold all the chairmanships because of their party’s mega-majority in the Legislature—flexed their muscle not only to bury GOP legislation but also to silently sideline bills by fellow Democrats that might be embarrassing to publicly vote down.


Help could be on the way

Just two months ago, Virginia, where President Joe Biden won the state by 10 points, elected a Republican Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. This slate of Republican candidates all ran on the same platform of cutting taxes, building safer communities, creating jobs, improving education and making government work on behalf of people.

In his first day in office, Governor Glenn Youngkin issued executive directives including cutting job-killing regulations by 25 percent, removing mask mandates in public schools and removing previously imposed vaccine mandates for all state employees. Governor Youngkin declared Virginia, once again, open for business.


Don’t Californians deserve better?

We need elected officials that are going to invest in well-trained law enforcement officers that can keep our communities safe for our children to grow and businesses to thrive. We need to focus on the treatment of our homeless who are victims of the opioid abuse epidemic and suffer alone from mental health issues. 

With a $30 billion budget surplus, taxpayers need relief. While Democrats have wasted billions on a train to nowhere, Republicans propose investing in water reservoirs to combat the state’s annual water droughts plaguing California’s farmers. Instead, Democrats continue to oppose Republican proposals in the name of conservation. 


It’s time for a change.

Businesses need less regulations so they can expand and hire more employees. California’s housing crisis can be resolved through less housing regulation so that supply can keep up with demand. Kids should be a priority, not teacher’s unions. California could live up to its name as the Golden State. Will it? That’s for you to decide. 

Voting isn’t the only way to make a difference in California. Get up off your couch and contact us, the Yolo County Republican Party, or any Republican Party committee in your area and help us get Republicans elected.