6th Congressional District

The following candidates are running as Republicans in the 6rd Congressional District:


Chris Bish

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Chris Bish is a small business owner and current resident of Sacramento for more than 35 years. Chris raised her four children in Sacramento and has been involved and has helped organize several community-based groups. These groups include Boy Scouts of America, the Oakmont HS Site Council, Little league, and other youth sports organizations. 

Chris Bish was the Sacramento Area Chair for the Educational Freedom Initiative sponsored by Dr. Milton Friedman. 

Chris debated the need for School Choice in California. She is an original Proponent of the Recall Newsom campaign.

Chris Bish is an accomplished investigator and skip tracer with over 30 years’ experience in the field, receiving national recognition. 

Chris Bish hails from humble beginnings in the Sacramento area. As a child Chris was often homeless and caught in a broken welfare system. In her words, “a system designed to keep people trapped in poverty”. 

Her faith, her family and love of country inspired Chris Bish to become a candidate for the United States House of Representatives.  

As a candidate she launched her fight to restore election integrity in California and challenged the abuse of power by Governor Newsome and Secretary of State, Alex Padilla. As a plaintiff in multiple election integrity cases and civil rights cases. Chris Bish has established herself as a champion for justice and a willingness to fight for the citizens of California.