5 Ways to Improve Your Proposition Voting

Proposition Voting Guidelines

The deliberate misleading of voters with deceptive titles and language... promoting some insignificant benefit... or just saying whatever it takes to get the proposition passed... has become a new art form....


5 Ways to Improve Your Position Voting

1. Never assume the title of a proposition has anything to do with what is getting voted on -- Tricky wording is often used to confuse the voter, both on the ballot and in the "official" voter information pamphlets.
2. The sponsors will always load up and promote the proposition with "wonderful" benefits that distract from the meat of the proposition... especially if there is a tax increase or amendment to the state constitution.
3. Research the proposition using an objective source; Ballotpedia seems to be one of the most balanced and objective sources of information.
4. Never trust the post card ads for candidates or propositions... they are the new 'hit piece' royalty, often exaggerating and outright lying... endorsed by who?
5. Create a checklist or fill in a sample ballot with your choices.

Voting in person is the safest way to ensure your ballot is counted... too many things can go wrong with mail-in ballots.

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